NerdWeek was founded in 2011, by Luciano Júlio, that decided to put in practice an idea of bringing good content without bias for the general nerd and geek audience together with the co-founder Hugo Prudente.

With a new design and platform, now our media kit is available directly on this link, and here lies all the information required for you to know what Nerdweek has been doing lately.


Our total focus is the latest news and a little bit more, the site NerdWeek has several topics that are covered daily.

  • News;
  • Reviews;
  • Games;
  • Movies;
  • TV-Show;
  • Opinion Articles;
  • Technology;
  • Hardware.

Our Similar Web data points to more than 280k total visits with more than 90k visits per page with an average of 50k in the past 6 months.


One of the brand's flagships is the NerdWeek Cast, a podcast that gathers the Nerdweek crew and guests to talk about games, movies, tv-shows and latest news.

The podcast has 16 episodes being 11 standards, 2 specials, and 2 with the most important news of the week the Nerdweek News.

Social Network

We aim exclusive content for each follower serving directly the audience and its needs on each social network and its demands.


With 21k followers and 20 likes, our Facebook page keeps growing weekly with posts of news from the website, memes, and interesting information with at least 10 new posts every single day.

Our biggest posts have reached millions of people organically with an engagement active from the community that openly talk about all the subjects presented.

And this engagement is also helping it grow our community.


Our Twitter page has more than 700 followers and has the engagement of our crew members with our followers directly and also the posts from our website news with at least 10 posts a day.


Our Instagram page has more than 500 followers, and it's focused on event coverage like the BGS fromBrazilian and E3, Comic Con Londres, Comic Con Dublin, we also try to keep the feed organically organised for our followers.


Focused on review, interviews, tutorials our YouTube channel is full of content interviews, interviews with great names of games and technology. With +1k subscribers, the channel grows exponentially daily with more than 5k views monthly.

Twitch TV e lives

Besides the social network engagement, we do live streams with Facebook Gaming ,, and sometimes Youtube. We covered some great games like Death Stranding, Days Gone, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and more, our main focus lately is being League of Legends.

We also have a great engagement with our subscribers on our Discord group community were we also run Dungeons and Dragons campaigns for our followers and friends in an accessible environment where we have special players.

Contact Us

For more information we can be reached by any social network or directly by our e-mails:


We will be really glad to receive news from you and your brand!

King Regards,
Nerdweek Staff